How to Help Us

Sponsor a child

For many children, extreme poverty is the main factor preventing them from getting an education. We believe the cycle of poverty can be broken if children gain a good education. Children receive pre-school education and child care at Seeds of Hope Prep school as well as join others in the school outside of our home. Please help us to provide our children with the life changing opportunity of an education.

Corporate social responsibility

The support of our corporate partner helps house to provide a safe, loving homes and a better future thus contributing to community development and sustainable outcomes.

Celebrate your special day with us.

Do something worthy on your birthdays, anniversaries and joyous moments.

Individual giving

Contributions from individuals like you enable us to continue to give vulnerable children the chance to thrive in a secure family environment with the resources they need to achieve their full potential

Give in memory

Remembering someone you lost by donating to a cause that was dear to them can be a wonderful way to pay tribute.

Volunteer as a teacher

Academics are often a challenge for children who typically have had no stable home and may not have been to school at all. Your support in helping a child read, gain comprehension skills, understand math concepts or even simply complete home work assignments can help remove barriers to success. You can volunteer as a class assistant or a subject tutor in our SEEDS OF HOPE CRECHE which in our complex


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Freewill Donation

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Sponsor a child’s education

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Corporate social responsibility