Our Homes have the capacity to care for 45 children

We are between 0-11 years old

We still accommodate our children as the grow older

All children that qualify for our care are brought to us by the Ministry of Youth and Social Development

They general public or they police notify they Ministry of an abandoned found, neglect or abuse child.

We cater for all vulnerable , abused, neglected, abandoned children

Many Media stories and made-for-TV movies present adopted children as alienated, unhappy, or even criminal. The truth is that most adopted children grow up to be normal adults who blend in with everyone else, in the society.

We get our support from the well meaning people of our country.
We do not get any support from the government.

It is our wish to help all children to settle into their homes but the Childs individual situation makes adoption impossible, we will keep caring for the until they are matured enough to lead an independent life.

This home was founded by lady Bethy Obieri and her family

The home is not afflicted to any organization

You Can identify a child of your choice and then pay fees direct to the school

All children reside here

There are various ways:

  • Through school sponsorship
  • By meeting one of our need
  • By volunteering
  • By donation